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Denied [
May 08, 2005 * 6:01PM
Moved. Gone. Byebye. Intoxiikated is no more. Want to know where I went? Email me.


<3 love,

free moola [
April 28, 2005 * 10:44PM

Here's the deal: If you pre-register now, you will get a FREE $25 in your account.

To pre-register, you MUST have an invite/promo code (please use kate121 as your promo code...I'll love you forever if you do!). It should automatically enter the promo code in the form if you use this link KATE121

They don't really ask for a lot of info on you and it's easy to pre-register. The site will officially launch in June so it's not too far away and you get $25 to spend online however you want for doing about 3 minutes of work.


PLEASE DO IT! If you do, the more people you get to register using your promo code, the more money you get in return. Hence, the reason I'm doing this! :P I swear it's real, you can even check up on the site and read all the info on it. I did, because I was curios to how they could give each person 25 bucks. They do this because they don't use ANY money on advertising, so.. more money for us! GO REGISTERRRRRRRRRRR

u [
April 28, 2005 * 6:14AM
I'm baaaack. ;]

Yuck. [
April 01, 2005 * 5:05PM
I thought this would be an interesting picture. This is proof of how much my family hates going to the grocery store.

My FridgeCollapse )

<3 k a t e

ooop oooop eee dooo byebye now [
January 10, 2005 * 1:54PM

Yea yea yea. Everyone knows that all the cool people with cool layouts
have Freind's Only banners! :) And, everyone knows the drill. Add me,
comment so I actually know you've added me and I'll add you back. Simple
right? The real point behind all this is to get more eljay friends anyway.

P.S If you're on here looking for layouts, please go to outwrite_lj. That's where I make them. :]

I miss you [
January 06, 2005 * 5:49AM
[ mood | gloomy ]

Last night
There were no good night kisses
No tucking in
I pulled the covers up
And positioned the pillows
So it felt like you
All snuggled up with your arm around me
My arm over your chest
But there wasn't that
Perfect spot
Under your cheek
For my face to go
I couldn't smell your sweet scent
You didn't keep me warm
I cried myself to sleep
Last night


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